Turquoise Watch Cuff

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Native American turquoise jewelry has taken off in extreme popularity over the last 30 years or so with more of it being sold than ever before. It has continued to expand its horizons beyond necklaces, earrings, and bracelets. It now has begun to target a wider audience through beautiful turquoise watch cuffs.

About the Turquoise Watch Cuff

Turquoise watch cuffs are truly the epitome of a beautiful artistic watch. They are more often than not handcrafted rather than being made in a factory. Most artisans prefer to personalize each turquoise watch cuff or at least make it part of a limited edition series. It’s the customized look and feel to the turquoise watch cuff which has helped it to gain so much attention recently.

Typically, a turquoise watch cuff will be larger than other watches. They are often made with silver or steel and feature a lot of stone work consisting of turquoise, coral, agate and other stones. There is also a lot of hand engraved metal work going on. The turquoise watch cuff becomes a wearable piece of fine art. Because turquoise watch cuffs are so often personally different from others, they tend to cost more than other watches but they do not have as much of a commercial feel, which many people appreciate.

American society values uniqueness even though we market to the masses. A turquoise watch cuff works perfectly in this idea. The turquoise watch cuff is unique and different compared to others, but it is still popular enough that anyone owning and wearing one doesn’t feel awkwardly out of place.

A large majority of the fine handcrafted turquoise watch cuffs being sold in the US are created by Navajo silversmiths. They know the trends for Native American jewelry and so use it in their work for creating turquoise watch cuffs which are just right to show off individuality without being silly.

The Navajo turquoise watch cuff is a growing niche in the Native American jewelry sector. Each one is beautifully made to fit a specific style which reminds us of simpler times. It can be said that wearing a turquoise watch cuff reminds us of our ancestors, our history, and even an appreciation of the natural world.

Turquoise watch cuffs continue a trend of natural looking jewelry which remind the human spirit of better sustainable things. The wild and untamed look of a turquoise watch cuff gives the wearer a little bit of country even if he’s stuck in the city.

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